Monday, August 3, 2009

Finally~ Some Rest

Here I am...after the great exodus that took place at UPM.
Hmm..It was a once in a lifetime, I think..that one would be in that kind of situation.Almost everyone panicked and started packing after the order was giving to clear the bunkers and head to the shelters.So I did,went to buy my ticket..and finally my journey ended me at my home sweet home..after craving to go home for so long (Alhamdulillah). It was such a thrilling sight,seeing my father..with his C70 cycle picked me from the bus station. I am so thankful, and should serve my family with all I a saying goes "Small arms,big heart". The smell and surroundings here,calms the heart and the bearer..and soothes the troubled feelings that always came by at times.
Guess what, the herds (goats,I mean) have doubled and there are new vegetables planted..and the greatest..newly renovated musolla..the sacred place of worship for Moslems here. Its a great change..and I am ready to continue the good changes with all I can.

Days passed, moods cherished,
Always awaited, forever wanted.

So my holidays went on very good. I am relieved of my heavy duty there (UPM) and even got a few fishing trips, emhm~ so many catches here..I love it here.
But now my holidays nearly came to an end.. tomorrow I will be taking a bus trip back to continue on my studies.Hopefully my battery will be fully recharged upon arriving. Hmmm..and time is running short here, and I will add new post tomorrow, with a poem (InsyaAllah) that I wanted to share with all of u readers out there.

Until tomorrow,salam and good night~

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