Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Killing my own heart~

Days have passed..I dont know what's happenning around.Being occupied the whole week and did not even have enough rest. But the will of longevity is here..Apparently every time my spirit went down because of my troubled feelings, I am saved. I never got that downed until my work and my tasks are affected. Its all from Allah..Alhamdulillah. Constantly battling with my these undead feelings, I know I should not let it way against the truth..Its being done at the cost of killing my own feelings. Its kinda hard when you are on your own..its my own battle..Its like this all this time, I think..Sometimes I am thinking that I might not be the same person if I continue on like this..But it has to be done. No worries, to all who read this.The change is for good.My family prayed for me, my friends prayed for me..but know that I appreciate all of you.

My life will once again be back to normal, although only my character would changed..memories shall never be erased..but I am brimming to fulfill my whatever it takes me. To friends out your best, my prayers are for all of us..

Passing judgement to my own self..

The sword of light will once again be drawn..

In pursue of the time borrowed upon..

Before the all be consumed away..

For the one and only sole reason..

I locked my heart and my story..

So says a person who looks downcast..



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