Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Remembrance of My Place of Peace

Its nearing Ramadhan as each day passed, and by the end of this week..Moslems shall start one of the pillars of Islam, fasting during the month of Ramadhan. It is along wait, finally just around the corner. The month which good deeds and virtues (amal) are multiplicated, where Allah's watch over us with blessings, for He is the most Merciful and most kind of all.
I remember the early days when I learnt about fasting. Its all just about not eating, and at that time..kids (years ago) like me during Ramadhan never end it at the proper time. People call it "puasa sekerat hari". Reminds of my early days, when whole families fast together, go to terawih prayers and prepare for the next day. Oh again I am longing to go home. And as a reminder to go home this week, I am sharing these pictures during my last holiday and also for u people reading this. InsyaAllah I 'll be heading home for this weekend.
Until next time...
Until the time is right...~
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