Monday, August 24, 2009

Its Not Fancy~

Salam..its just another day and I am writing again..All are going good here, hoping so for all of u readers out there. Things will get hot with the coming of 3 in a row tests for 37th Slackers this week, may Allah aid us. All in all, this holy Ramadhan is very calm and soothing.Its never been like this all this year round, and I am really feeling good. Its like all my works and responsibilities becoming easier and lighter.
This has been a great help to my mind..(Hoped and prayed for all,too). There's much to think and to analyze this life, figuring out what 's the truth, what's the deceptions behind many things. Alhamdulillah, I will use this soothing environment and serenity from Him in probing this life better. Knowing what to touch,what not to be involved with, what is of immediate interest and what's not. I like to think that way, for this world has no limits in terms of what people could learn from. "Banyak pengajaran hatta sekecil2 perkara yg berlaku jika difikirkan berkali2, pasti dan pasti ada pengajaran dan hikmah baru". Trust me, there will be always valuable experiences for those who use all their senses to learn and improve themselves towards Allah, for the greater good.
Dear all, I would like to share one thing I noted. Recently I have been reading on some writings on Islam. I found out some were in fancy form. Its not the right way of speaking the truth when we talk or write about religious matters, when its being done as fancy as it could. We could never reflect the whole matter in concern when its fancy. I'll give all an example. It resembles a person who knows the sweet taste of a colorful fruit, and learnt to love it, but when trying to share with people the person gave the same,colorful fruit but with a bland taste. We might think for the purpose of attracting people, but know that, when we fancy the teachings, its like merendahkan ketinggian agama. Its not hikmah when we think so. "Semoga ada pengajaran utk saya dn semua yg mmbaca"~
So this'll be the end for now, I'll be writing later.

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