Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Fallen Sob

This week..Allah had given me sickness. Its quite something but I still managed to follow up my classes..Until yesterday, I met my personal advisor (PA) and when she was giving me my project title, she made it clearly that I'm in no good condition. Then what happened was she "ordered" me to go and screen myself that I am free of anything short of H1n1. Owh,that's something..And I knew that she was influenced to do so because her daughter was sent back home from UiTM as for the cases there (did u people know it too?).

So it made me feel bad..I wonder "What if its me the reason UPM was to be closed or worst, quarantined?" and I decided to go and made sure everything was ok. Upon arriving, bah..there's so many people wearing masks,coughing and sneezing,its like a camp full of H1N1 victims (although only suspects,actually :-) ). Just entered, a nurse gave me the face mask..and it made me felt "No..!! Am I infected too?". I had to go to the counter to screen myself, carefully and truthfully answering every question asked. And because I lacked of one last characteristics of H1N1, <> the nurse said it might not be H1N1 after all.And so I waited like ordinary person at the PK.

U know what happened next?The doctor told me its not H1N1..God, I am sooo relieved at the thought of that. But the drawback it that he told me I am lacked of rest and was to relieve myself the whole day. Hmmm and finally I was out of there in no time, after being issued with so many medicines.

This is a week of something, since so many things happened. By the way, its more than just plain memories left..I had to live on, there are many more experiences waiting to be mine.

"May Allah always aid us, whenever and wherever we are"


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