Monday, July 13, 2009

"A Life-Long Lesson"

It was the end of last week, did I came back from one journey, and I would like to share what I can with all reading this.

The journey was a glimse of true brotherhood and Allah s.w.t had given me much to learn.
We, went there as students, learning all we can during that time. There were gathering of scholars, foreigners, VIPs, civilians, and also students.

As students, we are to listen and learn from the elders there.
One, Prof. Abdul Rahman, said:-

"Moslem students will initiate changes in the world (Allah willing), as students will be spread out throughout the world and bear the responsibility as representatives of Islam."

Also, he left three advices to students:-
"Students should follow these three things as your responsibility as a Moslem, first, pay professional dedication to your studies. Secondly, pay respect to your parents and teachers, no matter they are Moslem or not. Third and the last, obey your institution rules, we are represntative of Islam, world-wide."

Then, other scholars had left us also with food for thoughts, hereby I listed some for all of us....
One of them clarified what is sabar (patience) and what is syukur (graceful):-

"Apa itu sabar? Sabar ini bukan bila dipukul, lalu sabar dn x buat apa2, sabar ini menahan diri dari perkara2 yg dilarang Allah"

"Apa itu syukur? Syukur bukan bila Allah s.w.t beri nikmat dn kita sebut 'aku bersyukur kepada Allah', this is not syukur. Syukur ini ialah menggunakan nikmat Allah, apa yg Allah beri, dengan cara yg diredhaiNya"

(I will add others later, its time for class,until next time)

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