Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Undying Spirit"

Today, i will share what I have been feeling all this while~

My day started passively, in a way a lazy person starts. It was a feeling of wanting to do nothing but just stare at the window and wandering for nothing. It was simply a feeling of being deserted, being left behind. I felt this was caused by recent events, that tested my patience and decision making,may Allah aid me. But I do know..I shouldnt feel so..I am a student of knowledge, shouldnt be acting or even think of doing that.

It reminded me, of another advice from one scholar,of last week event..saying that learners of the holy book, al-Quran..should note that with it we learn of wisdom and not emotions. We must not put emotions in front of wisdom. Remembering that, put me straight back in the the line. I know there are feelings, troubled feelings that are not right..and I should learn to accept matters already happened and should plan better,may Allah aid me.

As time passes by, somehow praise to Allah..I just suddenly up the front line again..I ve gained my spirit back,my hope of redemption..and hopefully it'll last. I think I already gained enough strength of letting go too, as one person..that I really care told me.

"May our prayers be answered with God's aid"
Until next time~

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