Friday, June 26, 2009

The End of an Era~ (Goodbye MPOB)

After action report of 26th JUne 2009
Its a long time after my last post, being lazy and busy and the same time,
unable to think for a while...on what to write,what to convey..

This week..signals the end of an era, an era of which I shall remember always, as I called it "The 6 month of Truth". This week..we ended our long journey of being a student at Malaysian Palm Oil Board. And I would like to share many things with those who read this.

I was just, a mere student out of college to embark on a quest of learning. Not knowing what's in store for me, not to mention what's to become of me. We (the 37th Slackers) came straight from the book, and thought that we were ready for all those things we managed to learnt be4. Yet, it was a no-man's land for all of us. I dont know, it might just be me actually.

I was...pretty so-called shocked,by being so-so serious the first it wasnt all my fault. Because the personnel there treat us quite unfriendly the first month i think.. Some even got scolded because playing songs from their laptop, wooo..quite scary the person was.

I met a Mrs Jamaliah there..hmm,and she thought I was soooooo serious again,hmhmhmh.Its not good for me then I decided to be flexible a bit. And u know, first day I called her "puan" and the next it was "kak"..ehe.Then my work begun as my SV told me "Go forth, find some patents on CBS and bring them before me!!"
And so it was..I was trained in the arts of laboratory methods and enjoyed myself.Most of my time,hmm when there's no work..(oh and its hard to find some rest,ehe) Mustaqim accompany me and we started sharing stories back then.

It was busy the first 2 months, almost everyday with the smell and the sticky goo of the chocolate splattering around my lab coat.I hadnt been able to get to know the others around and spending time.(Oh and I might call it "assabiah"). Then when it turns to March we got to know each other,might be I am the loser for being the last to get to know the other comrades around. Hmmm its quite some time, and just suddenly I cannot recall when was we started spending time,but on a few occasions, I could.

Among the first was Mior, my friend from LKM (Malaysian Cocoa Board) series of solo and accompanied visits there. We started gathering and another event was hmm Mior and my birthday celebration, not forgetting Amir's Birthday at PKNS (1st time being there,though).
We made and glad we had times for that. We went through many events, many occasions,many incidents that finally made us like bonded together.As time goes on, it was a lost to the "37th Slackers" (food science of UPM) when one after one batch of once unknown friends finished their training,until there was just us (UPM) left.

We were left by the the UniKL batch,then the UKM batch,although Us and Safina extended their time with us.Then come the replacements..We were honored to meet them. We had known them for some time, and the lists were:Ammar,Ilyas,Mochen,Izanie,Kavi@Kala,Izzah,Sofia,Suriani, and the latest two, Afif and Shahrul(Long list,huh?). Day by day, and things gone slower until the day we are to end our training days. The end was quite non-dramatic, being the remnants of us made a farewell feast for the OFTEC staffs there..Amir made a good, decent slideshow there..thanks mate,appreciate that.

Hmm,so it signalled off a final end, of our good days together,of our good friendship there.
Allow me to put a few pictures here as a token of gratitude for all of us:

and farewell,may all of us be better
"Until next time~"

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