Saturday, June 6, 2009

To Uswatun and Safina: "U NEVER LEFT US"

The last remnants of UKM,
that resided and had been with us through our practical journey
-Us no4 dr kiri,Safina no2 dr kanan-

Its been a while since I wrote..
Last week, a bit,really a bit dizzy and have no mood in posting any.
For this week, I'll be writing for the past week.

We lost two more friends, two wonderful and unique..each one of them..
MOst of us already know, but those who affected most were the "cheese-producing" students of under Dr. Karimah,MPOB..Those two were Uswatun Hasanah and Nor Safina.This shall be a tribute to them..

I remembered, their first days with us....
When all the students were trapped in the library..I could only see them sitting with Marone and Zaki@Max..Not knowing each other, hmm..its like they are close but cannot be reached.
Not until our life in the Bakery Lab started to rock!That we made things together,we've been doing great things together,and even spend time together in several occasions, the most memorable for them would be..the celebration of their last day at the cheese pilot plant..
Where the other comrades sang and dedicate songs for these two..
How I remembered them..

She was a bit shy, and probably less talked with me,
Until the lst 2 months ago I think we started to be better..and knowing
And that I started to know that she had found great joy within this practical time,
And I am glad to be a part of the joyful things around her.
Also she always misunderstood my points and have a font in saying things half way (sorry Safina)On the other hand, she had proved she was so with us that she still came, even her time has already ended and be with us at the I am so grateful..Ha~A promise to her: A bar of chocolate..(no worries, I hold onto my words)Lastly she be4 she left..she gave us a present, no its 2 presents..Two big wall hangings (wooden decorations),tq safina~
As a token of gratitude..I'd suggested they hang one at the Bakery lab,

And the other one at the cheese plant.

She was, less talkative the first months I think (btulkan klau salah,hehe)
And that she rarely shared anything with us
But we still knew that, she likes colorful things and is a very creative person
And at the same time I could say I noticed,
no.. everyone noticed she's a camera's best friend with...
With unbelievable face modes and the unique "peace" symbol,
whenever a camera focused onto her..
Also, a lot of colorful decorations she left at the Bakery lab a.k.a "Students' Lair"
During the last days, really...
So many times she shed her tears..I am so~ like loosing a life-long friend..
although beberapa bulan sj kenal. last words would be "U NEVER LEFT US"
That u two are always in our memories..we'll meet again,next sem..insyaAllah~

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