Monday, May 25, 2009

A Blackout~

There was a blackout in this apartment of Seri Putra..and it so happened during the 9.15 pm..when people are doing their night activities. So~ Mior and me got frustrated as we are using our computers and suddenly, so-called "sentap jugaklah". Then we made ourselves to the verandah and start sharing stories..and hoped the power will be restored a.s.a.p.

It didnt. So we got tired of waiting. Thats where the foods came in.. We did bought food from the "pasar malam" down there we decided to eat it, "bertemankan lampu" flashlight from my rusty nokia phone..and so it became a flashlight dinner.How "kelam kabut" it was and we had food scattered (sorry Maru) be4 we cleaned it all..

Time passed by..and we made ur minds that the power will be back by tomorrow. Sleep was the best idea, and none of us preferred more than a good night's sleep after a tiring Saturday so-called stay-up (Ask Mior what he did), which I slept on the cool floor that made me sneezing the whole Sunday.

At that time, both of us remember stories..of our ancestors..we talked about the gasoline-based lightings and lanterns that they used. Memories of the older generations whom survived without electricity..and yet just one day, no...its just one night and we were already complaining this and that.

Reminded me~~~
Of my father..that he used to study "bertemankan pelita minyak tanah" besides him. Really, the spirit of doing so,burns and ignites ny heart, that this man,now my father..had worked hard to help fulfilling my grandma's wish to be "berdikari" and be able to aid the family. Reminded me also all the things he had to do and sacrifice for the family. I was like.."terfikir", had I did anything that could make him feel better, and lessen the burden of the family? My time will come, will be my turn to return the favor..for my father. It was 1979 that electricity or so-called "karan" found its way to my village, its Kampung Padang Perak, A/Star, Kedah. It was really, a moment to remember (Aifa, I borrow ur famous phrase)


1. We should always be ready to accept anything that happens eventhough we had tried ur best..It might be our efforts, but what Allah determines will happen. Nothing precedes that.

2.That we always complain when we lost something..but less times we appreciate things around when the things are still available at that time. Think about others that might be in harsher condition than us.We'll be grateful.

3.My father, Muhamad Hasbullah..deserves to be valued here for his grim determination for bringing us up..we,ur sons and daughters all knew too well what had happened. Allah will grant u appropriately, and we will pray for and always.

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