Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I wake up one day.And waited the sun to rise..And hoped that the bright day going to last for the whole day~

But then, as I made my way, searching for the path of my life and clearing the obstacles on the so many paths available~

I could see the horizon became blackened, strong winds blowing dark clouds towards my way, herald the coming of a great,tremendous storm..that~

Every time it came, it forced me to find cover, and the strong winds which always been smearing back my hard work of clearing my chosen path..even adding in new obstacles...

Even though many times I have experienced the storm, everytime it came back, it was like, "I have never seen or be in this situation...

Seeing the terrifying sight made me wonder.."Will I be able to take shelter when the storm comes, and will I be able to recover the path chosen,or start again trodding a new path"

All give me a good lesson~

"That I be patient in overcoming the storm and its effects, and be patient in recovering the chosen path of my life.."

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