Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Past Purposes~

Today... i got a few lessons
Good ones..always good ones...After action report of today:~

Came back to MPOB (Malaysian PAlm Oil Board)..really late,its a problem when many things got screwed up, "Blasts, my heart is burning coz i made an agreement with my friends,i will be a burden for my waiting friends." However these boys were extremely patience..my sincerest thanks to Ahmad Marwan and Najib, whom go to extreme length in getting me to MPOB.But everything happpened is from Allah indeed, we should accept whatever happens. Alhamdulillah,praise to Allah that always protect us..whether we know how or not~

Nearly passed out, I struggled to make haste and continue my work today.Pushed myself to the max be4 falling down at 12.45 pm today. Really,no energy left...

Met two new brothers today:~

Please welcome : Brother Ilyas and Amar from USM, 2nd year from pure chemistry.Made friends with this two..chat for a while and therefore we r now friends.

1. Learnt to improve our patience,always useful..it'll be a big problem when one acts without thinking,or the actions were influenced by mere emotions.

2.The act of my comrades today,that awaits me,even knowing i will be very late..is truly a sign of true friendship. I will protect this relationship,with my prayers to Allah.

3.Smile,always try to smile even in the most harsh situations..that'll lessen other people troubles from thinking too much about us, and know that we have Allah~

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