Monday, May 18, 2009

Reflection From My Own Mirror

I have a mirror, hanging on the old wall,
I have only been using it,
Since the past 2 years,
Before this, the mirror has always been there,
But i did not use it..
Why am I that stubborn?

The mirror, reflects me, showing me myself,
Of different faces in different times,
Of different angles of the same person,
Been showing me the past, present, but never the future,
Why,the mirror cannot show me my future?

The reflection way, always the same,
But the reflected person is not,
Being ashamed when my face wrinkled,
Being happy when mine shone,
But I do not know of what will my face be,
Each time facing the mirror,
Why, will a person ever be the same forever?

Seeing my own reflection,
Shown me of myself and made me wonder,
How I am to others around,
And what others would think of this man,
That differs each time in front of the always-true mirror,
Not knowing when will be my last time attending the mirror.......

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