Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Sun Sets~

The days are numbered..our days..[Dedicated to All Practical Students of MPOB]

At times, we can smile or just smile,
When actually things are not they are,
When all seems starting to wither,
At the moment and peak of wonder.

There were times we shared the smiles,
In between the times when tears are shed together,
Let the pictures be the medium of remembrance,
That leads all but none to wonder and keep on wonder.

As the leaves came down from their holder,
The old ones shed, leaving young buds together
While the shadow of the sun setting behind altogether,
Until the moon came, giving hope and promises better.

Learn to let all go as they must,
Allow new things to grow as they would,
And accept whatever happened as it is,
And take with ourselves only good matters together.

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