Friday, May 8, 2009

Band of Brothers

P/s : Uzaini,Iqbal,Ajue..sorry for i didnt hv ur pic included~

After action report of today:

Its Friday, 8th MAY 2009
the last working day of this week

And it seemed to carve me straight,deep in my heart that there will not be the same people next week during our practical time..

Time passes by, showing that everything that has a beginning has an end~
It seemed like its just yesterday when I last met these friends

I still remember~
Where exactly I first greet these people..

Where first I met Mustaqim
In the registration room..I just knew it that it was a UKM student and that he will be borrowing my pen when I saw his wasnt in good condition.And so he did~
and we became friends and started even harsh jokes on the first day
A highly disciplined person,and always give but never ask anything in return
Much I learnt from him.

When I first met Aifa :-),
I knew she is a good person..and I knew she will think me as a verily arrogant person..and so she did.I first "tegur" Aifa when in a little "Demo Kitchen",asking the name and her course in U. But we did not tegur2 for 2 months.And that only I started to knew her when I started cooling myself down at the Bakery Lab,where it all begins..Where my mind becoming clearer and clearer about her,little I knew that what was to become..;-)

When I first met Ain
She wasnt so talkative..and hardly be able to "jumpa" in the so-called dairy lab
A hard-working person she is..finished her works fast and I wanted to challenge the discipline shown

When I first met the Nutrition personnels,
There were 3 of em..Iqbal,Zaza and Ajue.
All of them wasnt really well known,er I wasnt so talkative also..heh
But still they are friends to be treasured.

When I met the Margarine Girls~
That had been with Mr Hanif for 4 months
They are Hadani,Nurul..
Whom I first met both in the margarine plant
They were hard-working and really struggled alongside Hanif

When I met this Farhah UniKL
That she was with Ain and Aini at the dairy lab
Hmm..drove a sporty car she did
And became a trademark..heh
But we didnt get to know much,sorry but it was an honor.

When I met the Analytical "ROCK&ROLL" personnels,
Uzaini,Fatin and Farhana..these were very friendly actually.And it was me that wasnt too friendly. All I knew they are people with future visions, and always wanted to go forward, challenging themselves to be better.

But not all is lost,since Uswatun Hasanah and Safina from UKM will still be here,if i am not mistaken until 22nd of May 2009..the last remnants of UKM.

Know we did each other, and much we shared..I shall be dedicating a poem to all when my mind is ready~
All I can say know is that I learnt much from our days together,how I remember and wanted to treasure all of u..

So be4 I end this post, I want all of us:
It is an honor to know u all..and the honor will always be mine~

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