Saturday, April 2, 2011

Truth is Life-Changing


Forgive me for not writing for so long. For the time being, got myself involved in small scale business operating from home. Home has been nice, especially because of the village area left almost unchanged for 20 years. Just nice enough, until I learnt a truth that the place was built up with devotion of human being to "something" other than Allah s.w.t. I have always been interested on how villages were founded on the first place. Remember, nowadays its easy because of the presence of machineries and tools. But how did human beings with outdated, even some stories did it with bare hands cleared out forest for the first place? Moreover, how community watch was done those days? Hiring private guards, CCTV?

For all the matters above, I wasnt there..and maybe would not know that until recently "disturbances" occured for some time. Many of the other houses experienced some kind of unexplained phenomena, alhamdulillah..Allah s.w.t protected me for the time being. The peak of the issue I am trying to explain to you is when my own grandmother stated she started to see "unusual" visuals and flashes of images normally unacceptable to us.But when I met the neighbours and swapped stories, clearly there is something strange. My grandma asked to be taken to meet a certain person (Bomoh) who knows of these origins and I asked why. She said the knowledge that person possess would insyaAllah will explain and may further eradicate these disturbances. I took her, but not directly, my grandma left with my father..along with my mother to seek some advices and guidances in the ways Islam permitted. The visitations lasted for a week, but the first day was quite shocking. I was asked by my father to recite some prayers and "ayatul-kursi" while opening all windows and doors, and was given with a large amount of salt to be distributed around the house. We did so, but the process did leave me feeling uneasy until today. I kept remembering the upstair room where that room give me a very unnerving aura that day when I sprinkled the salt inside. The room was not opened for months now until the day we opened it. Allah s.w.t knows..He is all-great..I know nothing.May He protect me and my family.

Then, after visitations to the particular person ended, I asked my grandma what happened there. This is the part where she revealed the story of how the village was founded. Those days, the founders were Muslims but lacked of knowledge and wisdom to differentiate "amalan yang betul dan yang tidak". They had learnt from somewhere/some people, knowledge of which now we know forbidden, to summon "things" and provide them with what they need. Among those, there are those who asked for strength (maybe for clearing forests and rocks), asked for guardian (s*ka, maybe). And all these "leftovers" never did leave the world yet as the original summoner already. This is what left, and from the stories revealed during interrogation upon summoned done by the "bomoh" to a few of my family, shocking news revealed that some were the results envious man that summoned these. I should not reveal why that happens. With that, that "bomoh" helped to cure partially, with the permission of Allah s.w.t did managed to reduce the disturbances until now.

Currently, I am writing in the very house I am telling you about. I'm sharing with you this because I wanted us to keep our believe and fear only to Allah. Its true, I am afraid, but must ask guidance and protection from Allah s.w.t. We all must, and keep our envy at not ruin other people's life. Allah s.w.t knows. Good rewards is for good deeds and bad rewards and punishment awaits those who dare worship other than Allah s.w.t. That is all for this entry. The surroundings are pretty dark here, my hands are shaking already. Although I can still joke with readers out there, but I cant hide the feeling from here. Will update on further news, broadcasting to you live from "the exact scene".

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