Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Forgotten Meaning of Education~


How's today for dear readers? May Allah s.w.t have mercy for all of us, and eases our daily chores. A bit recovering from the "body weakness"..I found that I have to work out more as the more I do physicals, less tiring my body is in normal times. I also started taking energy boost drinks, and by the permission of Allah, keeps me up a bit and becoming better everyday.

A sermon from last Friday's prayer..had talked about a method in fiqh regarding "matlamat tidak menghalalkan cara" or whatever purpose does not permit ways against the syariah law. The "khatib" or the person giving sermon emphasized the matter in ways that many would not dare say against, since I found that he only read the part of the text given. Mostly sermon text were moderated, maybe for reasons far dated back in the age of caliphates where sermons sometimes caused uprising and so on. He stated that its already a common way, those who did it, almost unwittingly has to admit its well practiced in many countries, sadly Muslim countries. Many of those with political ambitions have been proven (did you know about those cases?) that chose  to disregard legal ways permitted by Allah s.w.t..Also many of those with power/authority had been freely misusing their position. (Remember the recently caught Customs officers' case). While on the other hand, even more of those in the business field kept on doing "mengurangi timbangan" just what Allah s.w.t had prohibited..even cheating customers. 

And yet those doing this will keep practicing this, until their days are off, or their lives are taken. Hopefully most will repent or given Allah s.w.t forgiveness should they seek for one. Since when we "should" had forgotten what is allowed/prohibited? Commonly heard excuses are "Common practice?" "Macam mana mau untung?" I know to certain extent that even Muslim traders cheat on their customers.. I am involved in a few trades, and also a personal experience of being a witness to a "politik wang" scenario in Malaysia. Why all these? 

The sermon continued on to link this matter to the perception of education in the so-called "real-world" today. All that we knew today is to get our sons/daughters good education, but actually what were given are mostly "fardhu kifayah". I know, current knowledge on today's world is very important.. but we must not forgot about the urge to continue on study and the importance of compulsory "fardhu ain" education. When we mostly stress on roman alphabets, we forgot about the words of the Quran. When we stress about business and work, we forgot about the need to learn first about Islam's permitted ways regarding those matters. Above all, we pursue our degree, masters or phD, but we often forgot about the need to constantly gain "fardhu ain" along the way. We thought we we finished those as desired levels of education above, we are more learning. Maybe the thought of having "dah ada orang belajar dah" or "nanti-nanti tua sikitlah" mindset is there. That's where the "matlamat menghalalkan cara" came from. We learnt the skills for our specialized work/job descriptions but we forgot Allah's guide, which Muslims should follow accordingly.

The sermon then reminded all present there to start gaining what was lost, and that those who had been involved in unlawful acts to repent. My advice is that let us do what Islam requires us to do, to our own extent. Disregard challenges to stray from Allah s.w.t permitted path. We are not like those people who work without any base guidance, or worst by not having moral principles in doing business. Allah knows best, and we should seek guidance only from Him..not making our own guide. 

"Never wait to repent until its too late.."

Till my next writing. Salam~

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~attahrel~ said...

good post bro..keep it up...people whom chasing the world too much,mostly end up going nowhere...back to the basic!!