Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sense of Weakness~


Its been quiet these few days. Things seemed to slow down. No strange things currently as from my last entry recorded, alhamdulillah. Still living with my small business here. Keeping business up requires frequent travel..almost 3-4 times a day might be not so good for this body. I am sharing that since last week, I have been in a constant struggle against my own body. Its always against the race to catch up time for sales, for materials. Until now, I still feel very weak. Even for some basic things its like forcing my body to complete the task with excessive energy. The only thing that keeps me going is the very urgent need to maintain customers demands on time and of quality. Maybe something wrong with my body, since I knew well about my endurance before this.

Also, I am thinking of maybe the foods and less frequent of physical activity recently. Although I am trying to regulate my food, and fire up more physical activities..seems like there's a need to increase this. A few "accidents" have already occured because of my "extreme fatigue". I still pray to Allah to solve this, and I am going to ask from dear readers out there, hope of the best and do pray for me to get well soon. Think thats all for now. Already sweating as I've spent my time typing this entry. 
Till next time~

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