Saturday, January 22, 2011

What's The Rush?


Good day..even though mine is not as good. Nearly got hit by a car today, I am very pissed off. Its not my fault. Accustomed to the calm and against "pesky" environment, I would be easily disturbed upon being in a road-congested condition. Currently on standby in Gombak, I believe I have spend sufficient time to get to know my surroundings. Traveling around is a must, almost my daily chores. 

For one thing I noted most, the traffic really bothers me. What should supposed to just become a congested road/highway would be a life-and-death situation. Accidents are common here.I have been in various conditions trying to evade and prevent accidents from materializing. I do not know what brings people to RUSH as if they are the only ones with important matters. In some situations I managed to put a quick glance revealed what I called "Ambulance-in-action".  

More problematical is that I cannot unjustly put the blaim on everyone on the road, with some maybe having true emergencies. I believe there's major irresponsibility shown by the various road dwellers daily. Some are indeed attributable to the "stupids-always-rushing" types, purposely do not want to care for others around. Yang menjadi masalahnya, kesalahan2 sebegini dapat dilihat jelas, bagaikan di Malaysia begitu biasa seolah-olah tak ada adab. Minta maaf kalau menyinggung sesiapa yang membaca atau terbaca tetapi diri ini tidak boleh melihat tanpa menyebut walaupun sedikit. Yang kelam kabut dengan kerjanya, salah siapa? Yang xmahu pakai helmet dn berlawanan arahnya, akal di mana? Yang egonya, besar sgtkah diri itu? Jangan kerana "kekurangan akal" kita, orang2 tak bersalah menjadi mangsa. Baca doa naik kenderaan, jaga keselamatan diri dan pengguna lain sekitar kita, pun xdapat?

Currently I found a few way to "teach" these wrong-doers on the road, real time (on-the-go). I will catch up with the vehicle, knock the transport's mirror and give signs accordingly. To those "verily" busy, like answering call or replying sms on the move, I show the sign no phone. I purposely rush to the front of "crazy" drivers and block them for a while and show the sign to slow down. I even showed the helmet sign if I found those "steel-headed" motorcyclists. I managed to alert some, and although some come with negative responses..I do not care. Remember before you make a life-threatening decision on the road, where the "someone" might be your family/relatives.

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