Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Run Towards The Target, Not Just Walk~


Greetings to all. May 2011 brings all the best for all dear readers out there.

Been in UPM for a few days..Ya, met a lot of people, the lab staffs, the lecturers. Almost all of them was the same. I was very happy for them, but remembering the late Dr. Kassim Abas was there anymore was the first on my thoughts when I saw his best friend,  Dr. Abdulkarim. Please, before we continue..recite and dedicate al-fatihah for the late Dr. Kassim.

Something was recently found to be disturbing.  Images of the past year, during my final year project doesnt seem want to leave me. Ever since the first step back there at the Faculty of Food Science and Technology, the memories came alive. I did not know why I suddenly hurried to the lab today and just like a person in awe, watch those final year students performing for sometime until I realized again..that I wanted to recall those moments. The moments,yes..very much unique. Some of them were oblivious:
I did once break open the lab because I had to conduct the test at that time when the officers in charge forgot, I recalled some of the 10pm time where I was still trapped doing my work there..and some much nastier. But it had to be done. Maybe the haunting memories were "balasan" for me? Figure it out.. :-)

During some of the time spent there, many of those present remember me..and questions started to be fired upon me? "Wah, sambung master kah?" "Jadi tutor ke?" My reply was swift: : "Tak, kursus dgn MTDC je. Keja sendiri je."

Dear readers, pray for me. I am running towards my vision, I'll do my best and if Allah so wills it. InsyaAllah, until next time.

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Mone said...

I'll always pray for your success. InshaAllah, if it's meant for u, then it's for u.