Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Student's Travel


How are you readers out here? Hopefully you are doing well in your daily chores.

I was traveling since last Wednesday..and only arrived home last night at 8 pm. Well, I must call it such a night-day-night event. A day full of events except for this morning waiting for my mate. Since its Thaipusam, the road was pretty congested.Even the KTM and RapidKL are significantly affected. I went to a former GE member of the Symbiosis UPM 2010 and had asked  for repairs on the laptop. Alhamdulillah. All  was settled.

But the main story is yet to materialize. During my travel back to Gombak from Kajang, I was to escort my mate to a construction site nearby Sri Gombak. He had been summoned by someone who is supposedly his sponsor. The project was to supervise the construction of a plant nursery there, conduct and train tissue culture for the workers. This is where I learn many things. Of the few hours talking and sharing..somehow I came to realize about certain matters I concluded as very valuable experiences. Its somewhat enticing.

Among those I learned revolves around:-

1.How actual negotiations occured

2.The need of strong "bargaining chip"

3.Preparation beforehand (learn particular details)

4. Give practical solutions rather than impractical babbling

5. Steady-No rushing to close a deal

6.Its not just business, its also about making partners

7. Lastly, no "weakness showcase" when its your field of expertise

Feeling unease with current knowledge, I know I must learn more. I am a student for my whole life..I must remember that.It will be essential in the near future. For now, that's all I can write. Will now heading for the Friday prayer.
So that's for now. Until later. SALAM~

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