Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Leaves of autumn~ signalled the first of one week rest for this soul of mine..Its been days with hardship and lack of rest, yet countering the urge to oversleep is still undone.Actually, when one already awaken..shouldnt be sleeping anymore when it comes to sunrise, right? Wake up when its Fajr. Finished with the last day of my task to monitor Product Development work, now I can have a nice rest, a decent meal and wah, a good night's sleep.

Been planning to go home this weekend until 7th Nov. My family, wait ya? I'll be joining the making of home-grown Roselle cordial there..nak minum! Right now finishing the last assignment this week, and then InsyaAllah I'll be home.

Also, for this tranquil time, is actually a period of autumn, where the winter if Allah wills shall come afterwards. A period where one shouldnt let one own's guard down. Always do proper things and prepare for anything to fill such time like this, rather than just sitting down doing nothing. Help a friend in need, learn new things, take time to think of lessons Allah gave around us. Our lives can be very meaningful..InsyaAllah~

Also, one thing I observed last week left a good lesson, I shall share it in my next post.

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