Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tides of Challenges~

Salam and a very good morning..

I havent been writing for so long, neither I know what all around me been thinking.It is a time of what-so-called meditation, I cannot write but after a while only..and now I am back.

Things are somewhat fast-paced. I even do not have time for my own self. Maybe its this period of spending study times while increasing responsibilities are causing this. It is the times of challlenges. By next week we would InsyaAllah already be facing the exampapers, oo I really want to face them..come on, come on. I'll seek Allah's guidance and pray for all with good intentions.To all, best wishes and may a great triumph be with us.

Enough about exams, lets talk the "lighter" things.. We in UPM here will be heldling FPD Launcing Day this coming 18th November 2009. Here today I am inviting fellow colleagues to attend this meaningful event..come, come..we'll wait for u.

The 37th Slackerboys will be moving out this semester holiday, to Bandar Seri Putra again. "Welcome back, boys" is what we wish when we arrived. I remember of the days there, the community life is very good and worth of being mentioned here. And that the ukhuwwah between Muslims there are good, we are deeply impressed and decided for another stay there.
So this is all I could write now, and I hope it will not be long until I am writing again.
Curing myself is within Allah's will, and I hope my soul will be at ease over time.

Until next time~

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