Monday, October 26, 2009

A Good Headstart and A Change of Heart~


Here come the hard times..Bit and bit polishing my own mind, for the purpose of examination. Praise to Allah, one very good thing is that I just recently successful in blasting my way through 2 exams already, hopefully this good start means a good end too.

I wish to share something with all of you. I woke up one day, earlier in the morning and feeling bad about myself. It took me more than a few minutes to realize what's causing the disturbance. Having identified, I do know what was wrong. It all started with an advice of a companion one night before, more than a usual friend or even a best friend. It went straight to the heart.With aid from Allah, I came to be able to see..what was that disturbance that I woke up with, its the feeling of guilty. Its been flunctuating to make a decision..even at times I am with no proper standing, such embarassment..and it originated from a battered heart. Now its solidifying, no more regrets and upsets as much more important matters than my bad feelings.

So, enough for now~

-Gearing up myself again for the Product Development and warming up for my next paper-

Until next time~
Until the TIME IS RIGHT, now nearing~

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