Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tense Build-up

Salam..its..its taking all my time away,no..not actually..if not I wouldnt be writing this..Exam's next week, and much more needed to keep the heat up. And so the call, the urge to visit my home sweet home.I wanted to, but there's all these things keep coming up, where does that leave my holiday? Thought would be having one but no, its no more long holidays. I'm already 22 years old, should be no trouble leaving home for a long time.But.............How I wanted to be at home this time, be with my family and the little "ninjas" waiting for a good snacking from their uncle..hehe. Do wait for me..

Thinking of getting home this 3rd NOV for 5 days. Collecting all my last strength and putting all in just two hour or slightly longer exam bothers me..Its like plz, can we have no exams?But that wouldnt do..Me, and all of you college students reading this should be arming yourselves for the coming responsibility. "Failure is not an option, but whenever it happens..we should learn the lesson".

Hmm, my stomach's growling..need some food.InsyaAllah be writing again later. All the best, and for my sis,Munirah reading this.."Kirim salam sama semua di sana, and tell them I'll be back in 3rd Nov".

Until next time~

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