Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Cat and A Good LEsson

Salam..The story, shall be conveyed upon..

It was..no,it "is" a cat..if "was" the cat would had already died..And that this certain orange cat, had been around my floor from this early september. It started with so cute, so beautiful yet so adorable..making people all amused with the cat so much. I myself had stopped and taken the cat to my room to play and fill my time with it. It has been the center of attention that time, alluring all. UNTIL..

The cute cat dissappeared two weeks ago and reappeared a few days ago.Unfortunately with a life-changing look. Why did I said that, is because the cat lost function of one of its legs(capik), measles and all dirty..not that adorable anymore. It appeared as a cat who'd gone to war and forever changed, and I did not noticed why it had been here again with such looks. People no longer love to play and feed the cat anymore, they dont want to have the cat enter their room anymore. Some even chased away the once lovely cat.But the cat still stayed around for a few days more be4 no longer be seen..At first glance, I did not notice anything, but after the cat is gone..know I did what lesson it gave me.

The cat, which is so adorable, cute is like this temporary world..when its new, its beautiful..everyone likes. All people put efforts in getting such..

And that the dirty, handicapped cat, actually a resemblance of a no-more fame, no more beauty..no one would want to approach such..all will put efforts in avoiding so..

BEgitulah..semasa cantiknya, semua org mahukannya..tetapi bila masa berlalu..tiada yg kekal..semuanya akn layu dn akhirnya akn disepak2 semahu2nya,dibuang sejauhnya..
Ambilllah iktibar bahawa harta, rupa dn masa kita akan hilang dari kita..seperti pengajaran dari si kucing itu..

So until next time. The time is right~

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mcUs said...

good lessons from cats...
actually,its a lesson from Allah for those who can wisely think..