Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Words of My Soul~


A very good morning I wish you all today..with a very concerned heart. A strong wind came bringing some great inner challenges, praise to Allah none get past my rationality. It'd sometimes tuned my mood, tried to strike me down but I managed to stand. It seems that in time, many things could change but I didnt know so much in this little time permitted. Relationships turned bad, or better..things didnt turned out as we planned and ignorance of the true matter that lies ahead all confuses me, but I believe whatever is happening around, I hope that all will bring the best lessons and train me with patience.

Careful I must, so that my concentration for the time given would not be wasted..And I have a wish that whoever is reading this, pray for all of us the best of life. I am a young man, too foolish to be wise but not that foolish to be ignoring anything happening.I have feelings, I have moods, I have specific behaviours too. Maybe I am 2,3 years back of my actual age but I am learning with the thought of all my surroundings, and things happening shall provide me with precious lessons.

I do not know all of u that thoroughly, that I am no perfect, and I am not that wise. But know that I seek forgiveness from all, I learn to forgive for that Allah is The All-forgiving..I do have many, bad perceptions but all I must turn into good ones.

Enough about what I felt..Actually I finished writing a poem with a planned title of "Upon My End". But didnt bring it with me now, so couldnt write here yet..

So...Until Next time.
"The Time is Ripe"

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