Saturday, November 21, 2009

Epilogue & Prologue of Mine


Morning to everyone, it is a fine morning here. The 37th Slackers moved out already, staying in Bandar Seri Putra for this holiday for the purpose of FYP. It did give some old memories when we first stayed here, ehe..such memories..We' ll be here until January, hope many good things are in store for us :-)

Enough about that.So,out here today..I wish to announce our Product Launching Day was held on the 18th November 2009, at the Faculty of Food Science & Technology. It was an event of such, not too bold to say that it left us with good experiences. Out here too, I wish to express my gratitude to my group members.Its been inspiring with all of you around,that supported me in times of need.

You gave me hope when there is none,
You keep it up when others go down.

 Thank you all for relentless cooperation and very undying commitment to get it done. Your sacrifices made all our efforts worth it. I am lining out your names here as a total appreciation:-

Lau Hooi Ping
Noor Hidayah Mohd Isa
Low Chen Ney
Farhana Yusof
Goh Chun Foong
Syafika Rahmat
 Aswani Ayub
Noranida Adam 
Naemah Abd Aziz

"A grand prize to all of you"


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Mone said...

Sob..Sob...Sob..congrats!!! Eh...nak habaq..InshaAllah Kakak ngan abg Pyan p KL next week..kalau jadi kakak roger balik..k