Monday, January 18, 2010

That Lesson and This Writing~


Here I am again, writing to all dear readers..Wishing all that Allah ease the daily chores..

I was in a majlis, an event in a nearby UPM mosque last Sunday..that a elder brother gave us some good lessons. Around 250++ people were there, and ended around 10 pm. The speaker left us with many invaluable lessons for a Muslim life.Among his words were:-

"The Prophet p.b.u.h had put effort for 13 years in putting the faith in his companion (Sahabah r.ahum)..and the purpose of such lengthy act is to ensure his companions will have each of their heart ready, not just their mind. Islam is not in the mind, but it is in the heart..When you are Muslim, it mustn't be just in your mind..its the heart that counts. When religion is only in the mind, believe in me, that's where the problems come, that's when you cannot maintain your efforts.We must also make efforts that Islam is deeply rooted in our hearts, because when the heart is good, the rest of the person shall insyaAllah also be good....~" and so on..

That is just a part of what I can convey to you now..It's prayer time at this I'll be going and write again later.


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