Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A common day,common practices & a reunion?

Salam..A good day be my wish to all.

Its the second week already. Just recently back from my beloved own private place of peace. I'd managed to fully forget the matters back in campus, and spending much time with me family. Like I am already feeling home, and not going back after all. But the truth is that, one day or another..I am on my own, the usual be-it-yourself sob and go-with-the-flow type.

The memory of coming back suddenly made me afraid of the tasks awaiting, may Allah strengthen me in these times of striving. Upon getting in the bus to come back here, I told my father that this is my time to accomplish something, and that things are going to be hardest upon arriving..I asked him to pray for me, so that all be better over time. It was that time he told me to brace myself, and to keep mindful not to ever leave the solah and the Quran everyday. Really, the words that he spoked made I felt like crying inside out..and made sure that I am holding my side of his trust to me.

Anyway, there's the delay..bus got damaged on the way back, and we had to wait for 3 hours ++ before another bus, a replacement I think that got lost in finding us.Finally back in campus, its been some common days of classes with the usual come and go.

Back here, today I met a Masters student, which actually was among my neighbours years ago..been here during my practical time, did see me a few times but didnt speak to me before,only that today she finally asked me "Assalamualaikum.Ini Sobri ke? Yang duduk kat Shahab Perdana, Alor Star tu? Ingat x sapa ni?"

Oh I did, remember the days, the early days where I went to play at their house. We exchanged pleasantries, and exchange stories for a while.. But then, we couldnt continue to share stories, my class is due. I shall, if Allah wills so..tell my family on this matter, that I'd met the supposed-to-be-long-gone neighbours. This neighbour of mine moved out years ago, but they'd remembered us..such memories. Like an old story that came alive again. Such events, really are not predictable. :-)

So, that's all for now..Will write again later. Salam. My prayers are to all~

Until next time~

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