Monday, January 11, 2010

A question of sincerity,and why is that~

Salam..long time no scribbling here..wishing all, close or far, for eternal happiness.

Recently, I felt it was just a feeling, but remembering its been times this question of sincerity, tentang mengikhlaskan diri kerana Allah..indeed keeps cycling around this head of mine. Who can say that he is already sincere (ikhlas)? A scholar once said that "When you are already sincere, neither praises nor bad mouths have an effect on a you." Then, come to think that if a person praises you on something good, or even talk to you badly on an amal, what are OUR  feelings that time?

I went to seek a friend yesterday, and brought questions in need of immediate answer.. "How is that we can move towards pure sincerity to Allah? " There's this "ujub", and this feeling of proud when one praises us..and that why is one can do ibadah but with less feelings of worshipping?"

And the reply that he gave me was:-
 "Be consistent (istiqamah) in amal, and that shall keep you from feeling so. Try to be consistent, force yourself if you need to do so, because sincerity is the last thing to come in an amal. It dissolves even with the slightest feeling of proud,or by bragging even a little of doing this amal, doing that amal..Ikhlas ini kena lihat sebelum,semasa dan selepas sesuatu amal, keep it in check..istighfarlah sekiranya niat berubah pada mana2 bahagian amal kamu."

It became clear that consistency is the solution which thy seeketh..and it was a good feeling to know what to do later. And so, that is something I want to share with you..and i am afraid its time to go away again..Hey, no worries..I'll be writing again prayers are for all.

Until next time..

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