Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Its Time~


Its nearing, my soul can hear it. The end of a journey, insyaAllah continued by another. Advancing sometimes seem to be good, but the drawback is that you might lose your focus if its done too fast. My projects are doing good, next semester is just around the corner while not forgettting my age also. :-

Planning on going home this 22th December, I wonder how long can I return as a student..and when will be the first time I shall return victorious from these 4 years? Its amazing how through these 4 years Allah brought me up to who I am today. At times I even dreamt of what happened during these years, the memories..sometimes joyful,sometimes...............painful.

However, we all knew..that everything that has a beginning has an end. In a few months there'll be the end of this level of study, and we all be away. It will all fade away, but I refuse to end up just like that. Planning to advance to another level after careful thinking, may Allah aid us, and provide the best way which we can safely trod in.

So, it wont be long before the finale..prep up your gears,and march to the frontlines! May this be the most glorious days for the years to come!

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Mone said...

yea yea...Sobri nak balik.. yea yea...