Saturday, December 5, 2009

Words are meaningful~

Its morning here the time I wrote this..and I wish you all a fine morning. Recently nearly having a fever, praise to Allah that prevented there was no fever for me,yet. I can still write, and I can still share with you,that's more than good.

I wish to share something to you,dear readers. To learn something, spend some time on it. True,and anything learnt should be shared..even though some lessons are rough and unacceptable if thought logically.One of the lessons I named it "the lesson of words". Our words meant a lot even to ourselves, and as to how we kept and control the words before they are being muttered define oneself. We are still in control of our words if they are unsaid yet, but once the words are uttered, you are out of control. The words of the tongue could be sharper than a sword, as the consequences would be unimaginable.

Why did I state here that words meant much even to yourself? Your words shall lead to the soul, if the words are bad, you are treating your soul unwisely. Say only good, meaningful words and your soul shall be imprinted with goodness.A Muslim scholar once recorded to have said that before he went to sleep each night,he trained himself to remember the words he spoken earlier that day. He then would identify which words are not supposed to be said, and remind himself not to said them again the other day.

So again..before saying something,do control the words and only speak if there is a need. Cut off unnescessary words and refrain from spending more time with people who are too talkative. Spend more time with learnt people, observe how they speak and react to speeches around and trust me, there's so much to learn. Maybe some people would disagree with me but know this,you will learn the reason behind these words:

 "If talking can be imagined as silver, then being silent is gold"

Trust me :-)


Mone said...

Ikut keadaanlah Sob. Kalau senyap sangat pun payah. Cakap banyak sangat pun payah. Kakak nak tnaya sikit. Pernah tak Sobri jumpa somebody yang bergelar mak, ibu, mummy,mama dan orang tu jenis pendiam dan tak banyak bercakap? Payah kan.

Si Biasa said...

sobri ckp bukan mksudnya "jadilah pendiam.."
it is said as to decide what to say,when and how,correctly sbb bila byk bercakap,byk many times less words fare better,unless its the truth, mustnt be hidden..we will learn..we will..