Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's meditation time!

Salam...good afternoon to you lot.

A fine day today, so cold that I even got a flu today. No worries, not H1N1. Holidays started for the common people, and the time is ripe for relaxing oneself. Me and my mates been resting too, a tiring semester it has been. Recently just got back from Aidiladha holidays, there are much to share with all of you. Stories of escaped cows, endless sacrifices in days will be a good reflection of how relaxing it has been.

However, one must not ponder too much that he or she be at ease, It's a good time to learn or teach something. Lately I have been reading on emotional intelligence and some relationship books that are worth to be shared with. Later I post and share what I can. Hmm, and its nearing Jumaat prayer time I guess I'll be going for now

Until next time..

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