Monday, February 1, 2010

Changes and Improvements? InsyaAllah~


Been preoccupied with many matters, now I can find some spare time to write..

Today is a "sharing is caring"day for me, for swaping stories give you many things and experiences. It started with stories of the old school days, which were happily shared with my roommate. Up to the extent that what changes people over time, we came to many different conclusions. A certain factor came through the long discussion, and but before that there is a need to enlighten all reading this: "That this is based on my own thoughts and if you have a comments/different opinions, do share."

People changes over time, yes people do. We all grow, become older and older over time, becoming more experienced. As a friend of mine stated,  "what really matters is the purpose of changing or improve".  One can change because of loved ones, a "dark" moment@past, no real options or even  for the greater good. Definitely I am bringing a thought, but do note no offense is intended.

I could wonder for a long time, thinking about changes happening around me and that I tried to figure out and discussed with others about my thoughts. Stories of the "point-of-turn" might be different for each and every of us, we are unique in our own ways. An example of the turning point is like a person who wanted to change his way of life that had cause him/her social life. I did, noticed the turning point varies among people but to change for better, to turn to Allah, as a Muslim should be of immediate concern.

One can say, "I am already good" or "I am satisfied with what I am" note, that never should one be satisfied or "rasa senang' with one's current condition. A person should always have the will to change and improve, as Allah s.w.t is the one we can make "doa" and ask to make us better. When people nowadays keep on focusing to improve more and more worldly things around, answer me:

"What preparations for the afterlife have I prepared? Is it enough? Will Allah accept me when its time?"

Come to think that in the hustle and bustle of this life, we must not get carried away by the worldly changes until we forget and abandoned the real purpose of this life...and far worse if Allah s.w.t closes one's heart (May Allah save us)

For me, out of all the changes, choose to turn to Allah and improve our relationship over time with Him, the most merciful and most Kind. And also, do make prayers to Allah to give taufiq and hidayah to fellow Muslims..

Note that, I believe there's always room for changes. Allah is the All-Hearing and the One and only that can guide us.

Wahai Allah,
Ampun dosa2 kami, dosa2 umat ini,
Yang kami lakukan sedar atau xsedar,
Kami selalu menzalimi diri sendiri,
Tunjukkan kami ke jalan yg lurus,
dan kekalkan kami atas jalan hidayatMu,
Sungguh kami akan kembali pada Engkau~


kenali diri sendiri said...

Manusia berubah kerana mendapat hidayah Allah dan mohonlah taufikNya agar sentiasa taat kpdNya. Dgn ilmu maka manusia beramal.Dgn beramal kita akan hampir kpdNya dan bersamaNya dimana sahaja kita berada.

Si Biasa said...

iA..dgn ilmu, dan juga iman..Semoga Allah kekalkan kita atas jalan hidayah.

Mone said...

Semoga kamu bisa berubah untuk balik kampung selalu..hik hik hik... :D

Si Biasa said...

haha..insyaAllah this coming chinese new year...!!