Friday, January 13, 2012

Salam.. Good morning to dear readers.

Life here is beginning to shine a bit. Although my thoughts are mostly on my family back home, more and more reasons are emerging for me to stay here. Its been good to have an understanding ring of colleagues and that I can always rely on. I am not alone now.
I still remember the first days here, alone and feeling so vulnerable, made me even vowed that.I will not rely on anyone here. That I will live here temporary, only for the sole purpose of working and sending money back home.

However, ideas arise over time, and with right timing..I found out a few more things to spend my life here. Got myself several new opportunities here, as well as various learning classes at nearby musolla and mosque. Well, I can certainly strive here.

Well, those are some of the good news here, couldnt find ideas to write some more. Got to head to Sri Gombak now, until next time. Salam

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