Saturday, January 28, 2012

In The Name of Duty~

Salam. Good day, wishing dear readers well.

Currently have blurred thoughts due to several changes in my planned programs, I have to adjust and that makes me acknowledged we cannot foresee, but nevertheless we must always plan a move.

Well, today I think wanna express my thoughts on a matter "Politics at work". Feel free to comment me and correct me.

 My little experiences made me judge that workplaces are notorious place for work politics. Whether its about promotion or just about raise, the "unimaginable" can always change to "absolute vicious" when one decides its best to actively involved dirtily. Power struggles are common and many are easily noticeable.

However, whatever the reasons behind, I think that completely ignoring the power of dirty working politics will affect us especially if the target is ourselves. One too dull to notice might fall victim to these menaces. I have had few occasions, but then I managed to overcome them. My advice is be natural, try to be one that can make people gladly cooperate without prejudice but pure honesty. I even told my men also in one of my briefings that "We must try to just be honest on your daily work and it should be helpful and will make us more efficient". Always revise ourselves, stop being manipulative but do keep in mind to learn how our own unique office politics work.

I am not that happy, although I know I must eliminate obstacles. Get to work properly and be raise accordingly, isnt that fair enough for all of us?? Unfortunately, not all people think like that. For Muslims, pray to Allah that we are saved from dangers of dishonesty and He blessed our work and accept it.

Well, its praying time. Please feel free to share if you have something related too. :-)

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