Monday, October 15, 2012

Hello again my own blog!

Salam-Greetings-Good day :-)

Its been days,weeks and then months when I last wrote. Not that I didnt want to, but then life is quite similar these few months so I didnt want to bore dear readers out there. but then its true: WORK-HOME-WORK. And few changes I had to make all this time to stabilize myself made me not in the mood of writing.

Frankly, I've been busy exploring areas and get to know new peoples, make new contacts and friends since I am free this month. Changing workplace requires me to get prep up once more, been doing so via a variety of books. Hopefully it will help in my coming tasks.

Apparently, I got to spend a lot of time reflecting myself..and found out our jobs/tasks would change us if we do not have control on ourselves. Have ourselves a good discipline and steel nerves if you command subordinates, the larger the crowd the bigger the challenge. I cannot say I have gone through a lot, but finally comes to a conclusion : "Everybody lies". Due to experiences and wanting to prevent futher problems currently I am allocating some time to learn about human behaviours and actions/counter actions involved. 

Heh, truly I have become serious.  But maybe for this post only. Maybe..but then lost for words now, will continue to write again a.s.a.p. Going to sleeeeeeep now. Until next time. Salam.

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