Sunday, November 6, 2011

Of All Those Days..

Salam..good day, everyone..

Dormant mood and challenges have been hard, at times even I couldnt find proper time to write. Sorry, downtime has been prolonged.
However, one should know that there's up and down in our life, just like "The calm after the storm". Here, I managed to force myself to write. Yup, its been a few months gap with my last post already. 

When news hit me regarding my project problems, I had been too confident that it would be temporary. Yet I waited and still allocate my efforts, although others sure that the other side have compromised us..leaving us just like that. An issue of commitment arises and some team members were forced to leave as the insecurity of the project's grant was becoming more evident. So much money were spent, and many more will if we were to let ourselves doing our projects under our own financing. Many had quit their jobs for this, and some were married too. They had to look for alternatives, and took a toll on their time. I was among the hard-headed person, trying my best to steadfast, but arising problems got in the way. Had to return to hometown, and  found a way to scrounge a small business for some time.

Currently serving in Klang, I had never looked back when I decided to take that job. This heart of mine bears a grudge for those time we were left to struggle, although sometimes along the way, news of the project finally progressing keep on coming. At first, I thought it was another rumor, too good to be true. I kept on continuing my silence, did not co-operate with them..with even more partners "abandoning the ship". Recently, I managed to attend an important meeting, and with reluctance had to accept that I am in "A road diverging into two different paths", one that in time I much choose the one that will lead me to my dreams. The risk is there, and I know indecisive will drag things further. I'll do my best here, even though the future is not certain.
Till that time and so on, I am sure Allah will guide He always do.

So readers, till next time. (Hopefully, I will write another post asap too). Salam~

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