Sunday, June 5, 2011

News Update: Do Ourselves a Favor

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         Writing here in the middle afternoon is just not me, never done so..How I come to write this maybe the feeling of wanting to share. Sharing and if I am wrong, do correct me.

         Most people know to talk, and daily life requires so many things to discuss with, to speak out with, to be debated with. Information got exchanged, as do money in a transaction. News are everywhere, if not enough..internet provides us with almost soooo numerous materials that can be read. Where most information can be directly interpreted and already contain enough info, much more may require some homework. For example, a magazine publishing an article about an uncertain yet fraud in a company. Further to make things straightforward, lets say it happens in your country, regarding a certain product that is currently a favorite within local population. What happen is that as quickly as possible, the news will travel as far as people can spread them via all types of media available. Caution levels are increased firstly, thanks to the news..but what is in store for the effects to the company is yet to come. 

        While some would go to the extend of verifying the information presented..others might be unaware of the real issue behind. This is what I am concerned with, the spreading of news that is yet to be confirmed. Rumors are good for increasing awareness, but unverified information will deal damage if not contained properly.  Just imagine we are so actively spreading an unverified conviction that was later found not-guilty, what do we think have caused? Bayangkan pula, khabar angin tentang suatu penipuan dalam makanan yang kemudiannya didapati tidak benar. Berapa banyak kerugian yang ditanggung tuan punya perniagaan apabila jualannya menurun kerana kisah yang tidak benar itu disebar-sebar? Kita telahpun bersubahat menyebarkan fitnah. Should be shameful of ourselves. The effects of these happy-go-lucky spreading news will be amplified if we are involved in journalism. Those who do spread such stories as a profession should think about the possible outcomes of such information. How many people will read that? If you know better then verify the story first, go to length as you can because first of all, writing is your source of living. Think about how could you live by spreading such "gossips" or "rumors" and publish it, without the sense of oneself might involved in spreading "fitnah" all around.

          Dear readers, let us learn to judge first, and refrain ourselves from spreading such stories. We must learn to obtain the news from both sides first, and whenever possible verify it with our own capabilities. If we going to publish or tell something, let it be a verified one. If  not, ensure that we don't involve ourselves with committing possible sins, which we can simply avoid by not spreading such matters.

             Pray, that Allah do not blind our hearts and guide us. Have a good day. Salam.


Tuan Auz said...

zaman sekarang apa2 je nk terus masok paper, nak terus kabo blog, facebook, padahal tak tahu betul atau tak. melainkan proof bukti cam gambar atau statement authorized officer ke apa kan.

=O uii

najwa aminah abas said...

hmm. me, a masscomm student, u make me feel rather nervous of the field i migh be working for someday. thanks for the reminder btw. =)