Friday, December 17, 2010

A Cause To Live With~

 Always hoping that readers out there are safe and sound. I have been in a training under UPM-MTDC Symbiosis program for some time, even night..sometimes going around the country to gather or meet people.
For those may be asking, its entrepreneurship training..with incubation period of 2 years.

Before I address the matter in concern, I wish that all of us would evaluate every action,even the purpose of you taking any job because what matters more is that we are not drones,we can think. Human beings are the greatest creations Allah s.w.t made, and we have our responsibilities. We are indeed influenced by the environment, be it the demanding pace of life that requires we to struggle, most notably to earn a living. But come to think here, that  the causes we are pursuing today may be no more than self-centered desires. It's like WORK MORE-EARN MORE-SPEND MORE-DREAM OF MORE. Yes, it is common today. I remember I came across a human resource book stating that the current workforce today are working to spend. Me too cannot deny of such desires.

But then~~

We should not forget, there are various people out there. For those who aren't aware, there are people who prey on others, whom I may address as vultures after this and those who become the victims of such situation. Those that take advantages over others can be easily seen, especially those in positional power and  in business area (My apologies to those that are sincere to their cause). How I wished I could reveal the vulture faces, but I am sorry..its not the time yet.It's happening behind the scenes, sometimes in front of us, covered by so-called innocent donations and givings, or even doing "deeds" nationwide but then behind us manipulation and corruption is there.These vultures happily stripped off everything for themselves that should have belong equally to all of us..made many suffer and does not even care what is the long term effects on the people around them, especially in Malaysia. Yet, the public may have not been properly addressed, may be to the best of intentions. Believe in me-I have seen and talk to a number of people, sometimes the victims themselves..especially when meeting certain people with proper connections.

There are also people who have either been the victims of these vultures,  or do not have the same opportunity like us. Most of us had our chances to be up to the tertiary level of education, graduated and most already ended up with a good job. However, it is important to remember, where our positions lie afterward, will we become slaves? With our minds manipulated by the today's desires until we forgot that there are people that destroys others life/ the victims themselves..we are in the right direction the vultures are setting us/want us to think. To be engulfed in own life, so that they can continue to harvest everything from us, even more devastating to those that are not 'lucky' like dear readers out there.

What I believe is that all of us can contribute something to lessen the effects. I wished that every single one of us that have the capacity to aid, please do so. Get in charity organizations, get in non-profit missions to help those in need. Allocate some time to think, where do I can contribute the best to the people? How can I contribute back to the society? Can i donate for a better education of my brothers and sisters nationwide/worldwide. An example: For muslims, remember our zakat: Its surprisingly notable that just a number of people gave their zakat. Most would rather care their taxes than the zakat. Believe in me, when we start  to think, search those in need and we might be surprised how many have we missed or should have aided to reduce whatever the damages the vultures had done to our society. 

It is also important to note that those with influences and positional powers to guide and encourage those under their responsibilities to contribute to the society. And that those with proper jurisdiction that have powers to regulate (may have even been doing so all this time) the vultures. Hopefully all reading this will answer the call, that there is a greater need to contribute to the society, even more demanding against our desires. It's not wrong to have desires, to work and earn something for ourselves, but remember the responsibility for the society (especially Malaysian society I am addressing) is very demanding that requires every single one of us "untuk turun padang" to contribute.

This is a cause whereby everyone should dedicate their life: To be able to contribute back to the society. InsyaAllah which a little patience, I will acquire my own company. Having set the vision with priority to society contribution.. Its my way is to be in control and nurture more people fighting for the cause and in time hopefully will have the proper capital needed to do whatever is needed. Do what we can in our own area, aid each other..even though we still cannot cover all those in need in our lifetime, hopefully our next generation will carry on what i call "to continue on the visions of the dead", our vision to see a more healthy community. 

Let us allocate some time to think what we can do, plan and utilize this as a strong drive to believe and fight on for the years to come~ 



The Poyo Me said...

damn right about the zakat.
should made it compulsory and with court prosecution if evading it, just like we do with taxes.

lucky for me, i'm still under mom and pop so i don't care. hahaha

anyway, of the vultures...i think somehow i smelt Yayasan Selangor....and Sime Dabi. ops! Auz marah ke?

Tuan Auz said...

ui sobs! itulaaa. aku pon nk buat something dat aku leh contribute to society. dan aku nk join shahrizat! but celah mana aku nk join beliau? haha.

aku nk masok menteri pembanguann wanitala weh. ahax. =p

xnak makan gaji sampai mati. xbest. nk buat sesuatu juga! nice post sobs! hehe :)

Si Biasa said...
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