Sunday, December 5, 2010

Men of Times 2

This person, if you ask me..I can remember the exact event where I first met him.  During the first grouping of BSTM personnel on the 14th College orientation week, 5th July 2006. Currently having a new look, the men of 37th Slackers are more than able when we laughed at him all the way whenever his looks were compared back then. But nevertheless its just the facial looks, not the Hanif we knew, not the Hanif I knew. In truth, he came clean, with innocent and yet honesty are brimming from his soul, directly noticeable. We shaked hands together, exchanged pleasantries and asking our hometown. Then came the faculty orientation day. Back then, when I saw his final CGPA from matriculation, after seeing the "legendary" Mior CGPA (at that time only, ok? :-P)..I thought I was a loser. 

These two mates have the best pointer out of all of the other BSTM slacker boys! But its not just his pointer, his manners prove it that he is "holier than thou". My decision? : I decided to keep a close distance between Mior and Hanif, thinking of wanna try to get some good study lessons from them.  Well, close enough to notice that among these two, Hanif proves to be successful in terms of  maintaining  among "the best relaxation elapsed time" vs Mior. He can be found more in his sanctuary (room) than outside it. But on one occasion, I think almost everyone that took PHY2001 can still recall that he nearly missed a 2-hour Physics class, barely arriving it at the last 15 minutes. All eyes trained on him,including the lecturer who gave him an armor-piercing look~!. Haha, and he remember that as a good lesson. 

A person who loves food, and the foodlovers in terms of "knows all,sees all,eats all..". He's a prove to us that anything edible shouldnt be left untouched. If you try to his eating speed or capacity either, you are more than welcomed. We never won against him. :-P..Loves to give new food stalls a try,always keen on finding a chance to "slurppp" the ABC..However a distinct personality above all is that he a generous person. He's always manage to find some time to get the boys some good place,takes us there and pays for all of it. Never berkira la, easy to say. Keep wondering when is the next time..oh and I forgot to mention, he's great at cooking~!! Fuh, all should try taste his cooking, Hear I him,before the boys do.

Another point worth noting there is that he shares the same interest with Mior in cars, but his favourite interest is in racing cars. I can only imagine and wonder what are these two talking about once they met and starts conversation about this car and that car,ohhh..certainly out of my interest. He sometimes even dreamed about those cars if he's been talking about em too much in a day..Go and ask him, he'll admit.

Also not forgetting, he's possess a good family aspiration,meaning family is his prime dedication..whatever he do,family goes first..what can I say..hmm, maybe a "family man"..ya,sort of a person that could be a good single women are welcomed to contact him,but careful ready for rejection for he has his own point of view on this.

That is all I could write about him.but for further references contact him,of course~!!
And that concludes Mr Muhammad Hanif bin Miskandar.


Firat impression: What??!Its a kid in disguise!..This description suits him better. Hazmir a.k.a "Kecik"..with his looks and size, people will start judging this friend of mine,but usually will go and get to know him..and you'll know him as a well-mannered person. This is a friend one should value most for his helping hand and always try to say yes when one needs help. His background of being the laughing stock had been bringing him into so much conflicts during his school days, and the bad jokes people doing on him are too much until he became immune to such mockery. Yes, he will not response if one mock him, but careful enough to always reply in a good manner, resulting him as a well-accepted person in the UPM community.

Talking about the first time I met him, as I said a pleasant experience. The first time I met him, was in his room, end of the 12th college. Prepping to go to orientation session. Yes, is was there. Always constantly brimming with energy, and appears to be a natural joke-maker. He always have a high attraction around him, bringing people here and there together and getting along with any type of people without much problem.

When it comes to study, he's always trying to find a way to improve..sometimes ready to go beyond what the 37th Slackers boys imagination of doing things, and makes him unique in his unending spirit. Sometimes during exams, I remember..he got away from us and study away for some time that even we could have thought where'd he gone.Ya,ya..for those waiting for him to slack's a few: hehe.. A consistent sleeper in class, he always managed to best Hanif in terms of "siapa kantoi dgn lecturer lg kerap". Why is he's sleepy at class times? He's a BUSY person. Entrusted with many responsibilities, here's a man you can count in. With his mobility, he certainly good at multitasking and extremely active in sports. I'm telling dear readers out there..despite his small size..He's one of the famous all-round sporstman in UPM, even representing Malaysia in hockey tournaments on various occasions. Gets the best game,gets in the best event~~

Not culinary, he is not-your-average-joe. He cooks and comparable to Mr Hanif's skill. Well, ask him to go to his house..and he cooks for you: custom made! Believe in me, the boys already tasted and we all approved that he's such a cook. On the other hand, he possesses a great deal of interest in outdoor activities and also philosophy. When it comes to holidays (if any is for him), he opt for anything related to outdoor activities. You can go and ask him where is a good outdoor place he hasn't come across around him, and you will acknowledged him for his experiences. He spent a lot on upgrading his outdoor equipment, so dont think this person doesnt care what he looks, but good looks are a must for him~. :-). On the philosophy part, books related to positive thinking and self-improvement will be a very good present for this "brainy creature". He likes to improve over time and can always be invited for such sessions, every time will try to emulate like a counselling session. He will read the type of books described over and over again, and will eventually come out with his own processed output..translating it in his own life and preaching it to the men and women around him.

Currently jumping job by job, he is still searching for the right job that suits him..and know that this person can easily enter the workforce. So, my final words that suits him would be "Small arms,big heart".
And there goes for this "small" friend of mine, Hazmir bin Alang Abd Hamid~


Tuan Auz said...

er..not dat holy. hahahaha sket sket nk tepok pale aku, debik aku. camni dia layan gadis cm aku? haha

anep, super star tido dlm kelas. xpernah miss kot tertidor. hahaha .

anep sengal kekekeke

uhux rindunye processing

cloudz said...

heh....there goes another half of men of BSTM....i've been waiting forever for this 2 blokes...=p

nice entry tho....5 thumbs up for you~~! (err? 5?)

hazmir hamid said...

speechless..thanx dude..=)
u makes me smile..
but have some correction..
im not a national hockey player..
just play for UPM..
but half of my teammates are national players..=)