Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today I want to share that I lost a number of certificates..its not good since I'll be graduating in 2 months..May Allah give me patience on what happened~ :-(
However today I'm writing for sharing my opinion on travel..I had like travelling..all the better on bike. Before this, I never recorded my journeys around..Afterwards I'll be sharing my travel journey.. :-) A journey to view the world around me, to understand what is there to be done.
It has to be done. If I just stay here,, I will not see the world as it is and would only be subjected to the news circulating around, which I dont really trust on certain things. I will uncover things as there are and leave you to judge it and give me some feedback. May Allah gave me strength to tour and unravel the happenings around me and let my journeys be a good source of lessons to all~ 

Until next time~
Salam :-)

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