Monday, April 12, 2010

How much already? How many missed? How long left?

Salam..good day to everyone reading. :-)

Alhamdulillah. Recently I just came back from  journey,and I would like to share some talks I attended. 
There was a scholar, praise be to Allah but a talk he gave that put me on my feet.

Among the lessons last night, was that "Remember, always keep in your mind. This last ummah is given with nobility with the work of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. Never before all the sins from the earlier human days have been accumulated in this age..It is everyone and each of us to preach the truth, there's no doubt".

And do remember, time never returns. See the clock ,see your own self, see the passing time. I am already 23 years old, an average of 1/3 of usual 60-70 years of living. Now that we always wish happy birthdays to people, we love it too when others wish us..but it should be taken as "What should I do as my age is increasing?"

The answer I got from the scholar was: "What goodness you can do, practice it.. What forbidden things by Allah you can leave, leave it as much as you could. Make intentions to practice,  convey the words to others not around. Tell all you can, that it is whether you are ahead of your time, or its the other way round". Which means "Berapa banyak kebaikan yang kamu mampu lakukan, lakukan. Jangan kerana tak dapat lakukan semua, kamu tinggalkan semuanya. Kemungkaran yang ada, berapa yang dapat kamu tinggalkan, tinggalkanlah. Timbulkan keinginan untuk lakukan, dan sampaikan seberapa yang mampu. Samada kita mendahului masa atau sebaliknya.

Come to think that, when people say they are bored..have anyone thought about what amal they can make over time? What can bring better rewards..but the problem is we still do not confident (yakin), we are only believe (percaya). An example is that when one take a expensive phone to a 3-storey building and drop it, what would people say? "You crazy, its an expensive phone~!" might be the comment of a person seeing you doing  that. But know that we still did not value our amal that much. Semua orang tahu nilai harta.,but do we value amal after hearing the rewards, the benefits?  Still we do not "yakin" and appreciate the virtues of amal. Thats why we are lacking of amal. 

Another thing the scholar added was that "When you make amal, try to practice until you can do for longer time span. The lacking of amal because we don't have the determination and passion, but know that the secret lies within the time you spend. We only spend a little time, that's when we become dispassionate. When you try to prolong it, its where the tranquility are. 

All in all, he added that always make intention to do more, before the time's no more for us..We are indeed weak, ask from Almighty Allah to strengthen us and all our fellow Muslims. 

Until next time~~~

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