Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Look Beyond Our Footprints~

Salam...good day~
Alhamdulillah..Havent been writing for quite sometime..not that I'm busy, but lack of the energy to write..

I just recovered from certain sickness, praise to Allah that lifted me from the effects recently. Now on the edge of finishing my studies, I dont know how will I be writing afterwards..

For today..It has come to my senses, what people are doing around me are confusing. Not that I'm losing myself..but I did notice certain things, and observed afterwards..and came to a conclusion:-

A Muslim..should refrain oneself from crossing the borders..Allah's borders..I see that in the flow of social life around, one think that it is commonly accepted here. I know here that the urge is there, I am also subjected to these matters..but patience..what we think is good can be bad for us..One can even be blinded with the so-called "common practice" until we all cannot judge anymore what is right and what is wrong..that's where the crossing of borders happened..

Why does that happened? In conclusion I think (my thoughts) its all because less spending time in the path of Allah..too long immersing oneself in worldly matters until they became part of our own life..and when it had assimilated, one cannot see what is allowed and what is forbidden by Allah.

A reminder, mainly for me..and also for all my friends..We must constantly seek forgiveness and hidayah from Allah, and that may Allah guide us to the right path, and maintain us until the end of our lives~ 

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Anonymous said...

I'll have that as my advice too...nice one...keep the good job going...may Allah bless you...He has given you a gift...that you are able to put things in words.