Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Turning Point: "Men of Times"


Good day, everyone..for I have always wanting my dear readers to be safe and sound.
Ya, I admit, its been a while..and this post shall mark the end of my days as a student.

Yes, the study days has ended, just to begin to talk about what we did, how much sacrifices had to be made..and truly, the convocation date of 12th October 2010 mark the end of such time. I did spend some quality time with some of my once holed-up colleagues, rewinding the times we thought we might not being able to finish our studies. People say time will heal such wounds, and indeed it's right. The scars have healed fully. Those who still remember  might be smiling at the moment reading this.

But then, time will pass as shall unrecorded memories. So I decided to recall my personal memories of my friends, who's been with me side by side all this time. Do remember that this is my personal offense, all know me well.

So, here goes:~~~~~~

The story about this particular friend of mine stretches to the earliest memories I was in UPM. Yap, it means he's one of the first person I knew there.We met in the orientation week, being in the same group, fate @takdir put us much more closer than the other group members since we are coursemates. Yeah, we begun to know each other more since that day. If I am not mistaken, I believe most of my time during the orientation week involves this person around with me, including "Sesi wajib lepak dulu-study kemudian di kafe malam2".

About him, when I began to notice this person, among my first impression is that he is a bright one and full of determination. On one occasion, in the faculty's secretive chapter of Golden Key 2006/2007, he stood firmly, refusing a direct order from the head of the society, a well-known professor in our faculty to use the English language in the meeting. Hoho, what a person. Yet also among the best to join Bac.of Food Science and Technology (BSTM)  year 2006. But still am I shocked when I learned that his main aim was to learn to be a cook via this course. I thought he would be one just disappear over time? I don't know what happened to that ambition now, try go and ask him. He might deny, but I remember as a witness :-P. I always thought I would never get past this person academically :-)

Always at the ready to lead, he is indeed a natural leader. Maybe this also can be related due to his nature as the eldest son in his family. "Anak sulunglah katakan~!" Most of us would gather willing in his room periodically, either with a good purpose (study etc.) or you-know-what-boys-do-when-they-gather moments (swapping stories, or taking turns playing prank on each other, and so on).

When talking about food..He's picky. Known to be extremely avoid foods with garlic, he had always been the laughing stock when it comes to such foods. Becoming the 2nd person to own a car in terms of the BSTM boys, he became our own "private taxi" more than Maru due to his "leadership".Indeed he was from a wealthy family. But do remember, that he is not an arrogant person, he is a man who will step for you in times of need, someone who you can count for when hard times come. Its also worth to notice that its going to be bloody hard to get his trust back to you when you betray him.

Currently a "factory manager" in Deligateux Sdn. Bhd., he is slowly becoming a family man from his usual "one-man army". Ask him, what's that..secret or not, this one depends solely on him. Well, that's Mior~


If Mior is the among the firsts, then Maru is none to second. Befriended him and made most of my earlier days in UPM with this person. Yeah, and I mean it. We were among the minority of boys that didnt get into the main flow, unlike Mior, Hanif and some other guys. We had to take the "long road to victory". Forced to take many fundamental courses together, he's stuck with me for the first 2 years I think. We took calculus when others took organic chemistry, we took English classes late and even stuck up in various compulsory subjects in UPM. I still recall the days where we became "serabut, unorganized" as we are out of the mainstream. We had to struggle more and knew it was worth the trouble to catch up with others. 

Those times are when I got to know him. He is a different person initially. People who didn't know him well, plus a limited personality assessment would cause trouble knowing this person. During the first days, most of the girls would consider him an "arrogant" person, but in reality, he is not. Who knows him better, me or you? (except his future wife and family, of course). Who spent most time, is it you women of BSTM or me? No,no..he isnt an arrogant person. FYI, he is a shy person "dulu2"..he wont speak to women unless its important, doesn't make jokes with women he doesnt know, or doesnt want to know. So go spend some time with him, and I promise you'll know the real Maru. As for the current Maru, everyone get evolved@changed over time, whether it is noticed or not. Now becoming a person with a broad range of contacts and links, he befriended a whole lot of others, including the women  who were once avoiding him..creating bridges between us men and women of the BSTM.

 By the way he looks, one might be mistaken that he is just like Mior (anak sulung), but the truth is he is the opposite one. Being the last sibling (bongsu) in his family doesn't make him looked minor, in fact..he is the one that that inspired hardworking to earn a living. It is interesting to know that he is a descendant of a family who values independent and hardworking, every single of his family members is becoming successful person over time. His story of hardworking earned its roots from the early days of his family. He used to tell me that even Twisties snacks were hardly available for them (his siblings and him), as so do dinners. He became used to it, and abruptly become a person with the ability to utilize any resources available. This one make him a very not-the-picky type of person when it comes to food. This trait is further enhanced by his ability to make use of any opportunity for an earning, making him a very successful entrepreneur. I also did some business some time ago under his guidance. There's even a saying goes among us "When its business, its all Maru". Also this had to do for this person to spend less time "lepak" without any income, but not that he cant unwind with the men of 37th Slackers, particularly in bowling sports. Heh, one of our best 10-pin bowlers.

Not only well known for his business prowess, he is one that holds a very high accountability. You can trust him with things you would hesitate to rely upon others, and he is a person with wisdom of giving practical solutions for many matters. Oh, and before I forgot, this person shares a high amount of interest with gadgets, en massing a huge selection of gadgets for various personal and business uses. Well, not forgetting the lady in his life, futher information can be confirmed by her or Maru himself. Wanna know? Ask Maru la..
Hmm, and there goes another of my mate. Stay tune for more revelation~ :-)


Tuan Auz said...

waah wat a nice post sob!

hehehe really enjoy reading it.

panjang tol tuk dua orang neh.

btw, 1st impression aku maru x sombong pon tp aku xperasan dia sebenarnya. hehehe. laepon x de pay attention sangat kat orangkan. btw, juz aku rasa maru ni pendiam n cam ko rasa, dia juz akn bertego ngan orang yg dia kenal jek la . hahahah tapi maru~ ye perangai dia xseperti yg nmpk physically! =p

miori ? pehhh, 1st things aku rasa dia sangat kerek. sbb beliau tidak membalas sapaan saya yg suara syaa so speaker~ haha tu la dia. pastu laaama kot baru nk tego2. stat baek pon sebab kite sume minor sama processing . ha gitu~ ahax

The Poyo Me said...

Nice one Si Biasa!
Mior: oh yeah, he still cooks...last time I heard he's in a cake company, baking sweets and cakes.YUUMMM...(and of course, no garlic!)
Maru: yep, the one guy EVERY women in the course had a crush on (strangely enough, not me. dunno why)and yes, from the FBs I hear women commenting on how sombong he is. i bet women tu tak berjaya tekel die kot. Hahahahahahaaha

Sombong? No lah. macam aku jugak lah. simpan wisdom until the right time. kang ak bercakap macam biasa aku cakap dgn orang, ade pulak yang terasa kan.ahahahahahah

Tuan Auz said...

maru gedix. hehe.

weh buatla entry pasal aku.. Tuan Auz yg cutey =p

paah :) said...

salam, sob..ang da ley wat biografi kosmate weh..hahah xtau lak dorg rupenye gni..heheh :P

Si Biasa said...

oi,oi..sorry..but thanks a lot..your compliments will improve me over time. I'll write better in the future